Wednesday Night Programs 6/22 & 6/29

Wednesday Movie Nights, 6/22 & 6/29/22, 6 p.m., “The 8 Gates of Jerusalem”

“Jerusalem is the city where Christian history began and where many believe it will end with the return of Jesus Christ.  This program 

provides insights to events that are to take place in Jerusalem. This is the story behind each of the 8 gates surrounding the old city.

However, the Golden Gate (Eastern Gate) is faithfully watched by millions of the Christians, Jews and Muslims.  For Christians, the Golden Gate 

promises the second coming of Jesus Christ, their Savior.  For the Jewish faithful, the Golden Gate symbolizes the entry for their

Messiah.  For Muslims, the Golden Gate will someday be part of the last judgment of man and the end of history.  These spiritual 

gates, especially the Golden Gate, play a vital role in Israel’s future.”

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