Wednesday Night August 17, 2022

Moody Institute of Science

DVD set:  Journeys to the Edge of Creation, 1996 (0+40each)

Produced in 1996, you might think that these DVDs could be outdated.  Think again!  Recent scientific discoveries have only served to substantiate these observations about the universe we live in.

Why is this important, and why is it worthwhile to think about these things that are so far beyond our comprehension?  Simply because the Bible and the Christian faith are under attack today – not by armed conflict such as has occurred in history, but by a godless philosophy and materialistic rationalism that is even infiltrating the Church of Jesus Christ itself.  Through the theories of evolution and relativism the biblical foundations of the Christian faith are being systematically undermined.  That is the primary reason for the massive social upheavals we are experiencing today.  Even true Christians can be subtly influenced in a negative way as they try to integrate their biblical faith with supposed scientific truth.

So there are at least two reasons why you should join us tomorrow night for these videos:  (1) to deepen your commitment to God’s Word as the foundation of your faith as well as your life; and (2) to be better equipped to interject a seed of doubt into the mind of those unbelievers we have the opportunity to talk to about our faith who accept these virtually impossible scientific theories as facts even though they are so clearly unproven.

A third and possibly even more important reason is personal – so that you can come to appreciate in a deeper way the fact that the sovereign, omnipotent God who created this entire miraculous and magnificent universe could love each tiny, insignificant (by comparison) human being in it enough to send His only Son into the world to make a way for sinners to receive the gift of eternal life.  His grace is amazing!

Psalm 8:1-6 (NASB) 

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