Very sad Cuba update

The situation in Cuba, due to Covid, is truly desperate. They had been reporting 3000 new cases a day—2 days ago, they reported 6000! The hospitals are full, with people sleeping on the floor & patients “sharing” what limited oxygen is available. One Cuban Pastor wrote:
The situation in Cuba is very difficult, the covid situation got out of control, children, young people, pregnant women, and old people are dying, many of the hospitals collapsed, the dead abounds in the houses, isolation centers. 
The Cuban rulers do not want to admit that we need help, there is no food, there is no medicine, electricity is taken away for long periods of time. At night I do not know how to sleep because of the heat and without electricity you can’t put the fans on, this looks like a horror movie. 
The police constantly repress the people who go out in search of food, the money is very scarce and the demonstrations against the Cuban state are frequent in all the provinces, people fear a social outbreak.
It is truly heartbreaking to hear their stories & know that we can do nothing to help. We sent packages to Pastors Eglis & Rafael with some food & basic over-the-counter meds, but it will take 5 or 6 weeks to get there-IF it can even get through under the current conditions.
Please keep praying. Our people in Cuba fast & pray daily & totally believe in the power of prayer & are completely relying on God to see them through. They ask for our prayers. 

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  1. This truly brings tears to my eyes reading this. I am praying for the people in Cuba. Hopefully America will do something to help them. <

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