Sermon Notes 04/25/21 “Samson’s Fatal Flaw”

Samson’s failure and death – The story of Samson and Delilah (16:1-31) a. Samson’s greatest weakness – It’s an ophthalmological issue (vv.1-3) b. Samson’s greatest vulnerability – Fleshly desires, no protection (vv.4-5) c. Samson’s greatest struggle – A bad situation made worse (vv.6-14)

  1. Samson’s first deception – “fool me once…” (vv.6-9)
  2. Samson’s second deception – “fool me twice…” (vv.10-12)
  3. Samson’s third deception – This time she didn’t say “please” (13-14)
    d. Samson’s greatest failure – He betrayed himself and his purpose(15-20) e. Samson’s greatest consequence – His eyes no longer a problem! (21-30)
  4. Resulted in Samson—and Samson’s God—being ridiculed (vv.21-25)
  5. Samson’s greatest vindication – victory in/over death (vv.26-30) Conclusion – Samson’s burial and ‘judgeship’ for 20 years (v.31)

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