Resurrection Sunday, 4/4/21

It has been over a year now since the pandemic began and everyone was confined to our homes.  It has been a challenging year as we were forced to be creative in our worship and fellowship.  At first, only the skeleton crew gathered in the sanctuary each Sunday to make sure that God’s Word and message faithfully went out on the air waves to reach listening ears.  We could not allow the quarantine to stifle the gospel of Christ.  As the months passed, the fellowship has been slowly and cautiously returning.  Last year we were told to stay home, but now it is time for all to come together in the biggest celebrated day in Christendom.  We hope you will not only make a special effort to be here this Sunday, but, also invite a friend, acquaintance, neighbor, or even stranger to meet you at church.  Let’s celebrate the fact that “He Is Risen!”      

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