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The situation in Cuba, particularly in Matanzas, the province where Pastor Eglis & his family live, continues to go from bad to worse. There is now in place a noon curfew. Before noon, one & only one member of the family may leave the house to go stand in an interminable line to try to buy something for the family to eat. There is less & less available to buy in the stores. They can no longer go into a neighboring village on their quest for food, with police stationed at the city limits to prevent “border crossing.” Stores close at noon, schools are closed, transportation is shut down. The reports are that the sudden deaths of the 12 young people were due to a South African strain which is particularly viral. Our people are living on faith alone, trusting that God will protect them & get them through this. They ask for our prayers. Thank you for your prayers & continued support. Marj

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