Memorial for Oren Baker

In lieu of having a meeting, thought we would try to do this by e-mail.  As you know, a formal funeral for Oren has already taken place in Georgia.  Since Oren was such a vital part of our Wednesday night fellowship, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate his life and contribution to our church by a cookout on Wednesday, March 17th.  It will need to be RSVP and depending on the response we will possibly need to have it outdoors.  Volunteers to help make this happen have already stepped forward.  I need to have your input by Sunday so we can move forward if everyone is agreeable.  We are not yet ready to restart our regular Weds. night dinners and bible study, but this special event may help us determine if it might be feasible to have our annual Resurrection morning breakfast.  Please respond via e-mail ASAP.  Thank you!

Pastor Ross

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