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The coordinator of the shipment to Cuba advises that Havana customs has been closed for 3 weeks so we’re still waiting on the release of one-third of the shipment. In reality, even if they were to release it all, there’s really no way for our Pastor in Cuba to get it. The country has been shut down & transport across state lines is prohibited. We still can’t send our packages, & it is becoming increasingly difficult to send money. All of the sources we have used in the past have dried up. We finally found one, but had to pay 25% instead of 20% we paid last month. We sent 2 months support instead of 1 in case this source dries up too. We will see what happens when we need to send again the end of April. As Eglis says, when one door closes, God always opens another! Thank you for continuing to support & pray for this worthwhile Mission. 

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