Cuba Ministry Funds Needed

Cuba Ministry Funds Needed

God placed the people of Cuba on the heart of Hollis and Marj Green many years ago.  When they came to Oceanside a few years back, they shared that love for God’s people in Cuba with us and we have delighted in embracing that love along with them.  For Several years now our church has been supporting two pastoral families that faithfully share the love of Christ with the Cuban people.  One of these families, as you know, won the immigration lottery and are now living in the U.S. with the Green’s.  We are so blessed to have Pastor Eglis, Marlys, Ishi, & Abel worshiping with us each Sunday.  Coming from a different country and language, they have had to make so many adjustments in such a short time.  Even through the challenge of speaking a different language, they have found jobs and the children are enrolled in school/college.  We must continue to lift them in prayer as they continue to be challenged.  

However, we must not forget about Pastor Rafael and his family, Ani, Rafelito, and Eric.  They still remain in Cuba doing the Lord’s work with little to work with.  Our church recently was able to help them purchase benches to sit for worship.  The very simple necessities like shoes, medications, etc. are hard to find and expensive when found.  We have the opportunity to help with these very real urgent needs, but our Cuba Funds are depleted.  Please prayerfully consider how God might guide you to support this important missions effort.

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